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Hiring Tips for Cutting Edge Digital Startups

452 unicorns with a $1.9 trillion valuation – it’s safe to say that the world of digital industry is white hot. Entrepreneurs and employees alike look to the digital startup as the modern California Gold Rush. If you’re looking for top talent here, you’ll need to brush up on your negotiating skills, reprogram some of…

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Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing and the Impact on Talent

The impact of hiring inbound marketers

The numbers paint a compelling picture. Inbound marketing generates three times the leads per dollar spent as outbound. Customers gravitate toward content that advises them during their buying process and ignore both sales calls and unsolicited emails. For those keeping score at home, inbound marketing has destroyed outbound by a knockout. What’s not always as…

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When is it a Good Time to Use Interim Talent?

Looking for Interim Talent? See how interim talent can be used for strategic uses and not only for temporary positions

We were recently approached by an up-and-coming MarTech start-up. They were preparing to launch a new offering to the market and believed that their growth warranted adding a product marketing team. Despite their lack of experience and understanding of the product marketing role, they mapped out an organizational chart where mid-level product marketing managers would…

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How the NFL Patriots Creates a Dynasty – Led by Great Managers and a G.O.A.T

How do you take an under-performing team and turn them into a dynasty? How do you make sure you have the right players and personnel to build that long-term powerhouse? Robert Kraft bought the NFL’s New England Patriots in 1994 and spent the next six years looking for a football executive he could work with…

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The Rise of the Relaxed Dress Code

  In the Mad Men days, office dress codes at ad agencies and banks alike were pretty clear. Men in their requisite suit and tie, and women in standard dresses or blouses. Dress codes pretty much since then required some sort of professional suit or look across the board in any profession.  Those were the…

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Farewell from Intern Gil Kaplun

I have seen things grow. My youngest cousin Jeremy was born when I was 12 years old. He is now eight years old and I remember when he started crawling, walking, and talking. I have watched my basketball team grow from a middle of the pack team, to a potential contender, to a team that…

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The Art of the Resignation

  The whole process of transitioning from one job to the next is a topic that is often overlooked. The digital media industry is a fast paced and ever-changing close-knit community. It’s commonplace to leave one start-up for the next (almost a bit incestuous, but in a clean way), which is why it is imperative…

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Enough Nickel and Diming, How About Mobile Payments?

  Mobile phones have surpassed wallets on the worst things to lose list. To paraphrase moderator Rich Ullman from the PluggedIn Ventures Mobile Payment roundtable on January 29th: “Leave your wallet by your in-laws in Buffalo – wait for it to be shipped. Leave your mobile phone – drive 5 hours to Buffalo.” 2012 was a breakout year…

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AC Lion CEO Moderates TechCrunch Innovation Road Show Panel

Watch out Facebook, Apple Itunes and Zipcar! Custom app warehouse, Facebook TV, and a “zipcar between friends” were among the numerous concepts shared at Tech Crunch Disrupt in New York. Tuesday night there was a standing room only event at Morgan Stanley featuring over 20 pioneering Israeli Startups and an esteemed panel of accomplished entrepreneurs…

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