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The Power of Ecommerce Recruitment Solutions for Streamlining Success

AC Lion is your trusted eCommerce and retail recruiting partner. It has become increasingly important for eCommerce companies to find the right talent to drive success. As eCommerce Recruiters, we understand the challenges and demands of the industry and ensure we connect you with the perfect eCommerce candidates.


As one of the premier eCommerce recruitment agencies, we source professionals across a wide range of industries for eCommerce jobs. With our network of talented individuals who have worked with eCommerce companies and understand different eCommerce platforms and models, we can assist you with your eCommerce needs.


To ensure we find the perfect fit for your organization, we go beyond the traditional approach. Let us help you develop a high-performing team for your eCommerce business. Experience the difference our specialized expertise can make for your organization today!

Why We’re Different

With the ability to purchase everything from the bare essentials to luxury products with ease right from your computer or phone, the online retail market has evolved into the global standard for the average consumer.


From electronic transactions to online product advertising, the purchasing experience has never been more tech-oriented and user-focused.  But, the challenges brands face have never been more fierce and complicated, battling brands around the world for user attention and purchases. To ensure your brand is not swept under the rug in the global marketplace, your products, platforms, and values must be clear, concise and recognizable by your audience.


AC Lion excels in eCommerce recruiting, covering all facets of retail technology and e-commerce. We offer the essential resources to empower your business in navigating the dynamic market, ensuring you secure top talent in this highly competitive career landscape.


We are highly connected, agile in our search methods, and provide holistic solutions for your talent needs.


Whether your brand needs a fresh look with new designs, creative and innovative ways to advertise your product or more efficient means of operating your online shopping platforms, AC Lion has the tools your team needs to succeed.


Our Focus on eCommerce and Retail companies include:

  • Online Auctions, Marketplaces, Engines

  • Subscription, Digital Services and Goods

  • B2C, B2B, Social Commerce

  • SaaS, Data, Retargeting, Pricing Engines

  • Infrastructure, Processing, Payment, logistics

eCommerce & Retail Recruiting FAQs

What is eCommerce recruitment, and how does it differ from traditional recruitment?

eCommerce recruitment refers to hiring and selecting candidates specifically for roles in the eCommerce industry. Unlike traditional recruitment, eCommerce recruitment focuses on finding candidates with expertise in online retail, digital marketing, data analysis, supply chain management, & other relevant skills. On the other hand, traditional recruitment may involve industries and position types that don't have the same focus on digital or online as eCommerce.


Which qualities or skills should an eCommerce candidate possess?

eCommerce candidates should possess strong digital marketing skills to promote products and drive online sales effectively. A solid understanding of popular eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify or Magento, is essential for managing product listings, inventory, and order processing. In addition to interpreting & analyzing data, candidates should have skills in identifying trends and optimizing conversion rates. Having proficient knowledge of HTML/CSS and website analytics tools is also essential for navigating the digital landscape of eCommerce.


What are the benefits of using e-commerce recruitment agencies?

E-commerce recruitment agencies provide businesses in the United States access to a specialized talent pool for digital and online retail positions. These agencies are adept at identifying and attracting top e-commerce professionals due to their expertise in the digital marketplace. Furthermore, they ensure a targeted selection of candidates with the skills and experience necessary to thrive in the e-commerce sector, saving the company time and effort.


Hot to find a top eCommerce recruiter in the United States?

As an eCommerce recruitment agency, AC Lion consistently delivers exceptional results with their extensive network and industry expertise. The firm's tailored approach and dedication to client satisfaction set them apart as the top choice for companies seeking top-tier e-commerce professionals.


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