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AC Lion stays at the forefront of Financial Technology by partnering with the shapers of the new digital economy to connect best-in-class talent to cutting-edge companies of all sizes.


Our Fintech Recruiting expertise ranges across all stages of the recruitment cycle, offering an in-depth qualification process for vetting candidates and a consultative and strategic approach for our clients.


Understanding what separates a good candidate from the candidate you truly need to hire, AC Lion is your partner in long-term, people-driven success.

“Here at AC Lion, we have worked with many industries undergoing digitization. Banking as a Service and embedded finance are just the latest digitization play, as they integrate into other platforms and industries. That’s our core expertise—and one of the reasons we’ve been named a top US recruiter 5 years in a row and one of the top Fintech recruiters.”

- AC Lion CEO, Alan Cutter


“Here at AC Lion, we have worked with many industries undergoing digitization. As DeFi and DAO’s become more mainstream, their segment of the expanding blockchain and crypto markets is constantly evolving with many innovative use cases emerging. As the expansion continues, AC Lion plans to stay one step ahead of the hiring curve as demand broadens.“

- Mike Adler, Partner and Head of AC Lion's Fintech Recruiting

Crypto Talent Wars Fuel Sweeter Salaries, Better Perks for Employees,” the recent article on,  quoted AC Lion's Mike Adler, on the challenges facing rapidly growing crypto companies.


To read the full article on AC Lion's Winning the War for Fintech Talent in 2022: Compensation Issues


Our Interests in Fintech Include:

  • Web 3.0, Digital Collectibles, NFT, Metaverse

  • Crypto Currency, token platforms, Exchanges

  • DAO, Defi, Distributed Technologies

  • Payment protocols, platforms, digital asset services

  • Saas Infrastructure and Development

High level of integrity, the top firm in their industry.


Jeffrey Schachter

Managing Partner

Avet Capital Management, LLC