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Digital Media and AdTech Recruiting

Find Top Talent for Digital Media and AdTech: AC Lion's Comprehensive Hiring Services

AC Lion is an industry-leading recruiting and staffing firm specializing in digital media and advertising and OTT (over-the-top) recruitment. We collaborate with a vast array of digital media and OTT publishers, advertisers, networks and analytics firms, including start-ups funded by venture capital, established high-growth enterprises, and Fortune 500 corporations. 


Our recruitment team has extensive knowledge of the digital media and AdTech sector and has collaborated with some of the most recognizable brands to fulfil their strategic personnel requirements.  We have helped them hire top sales, marketing, product, account management and ad ops talent.

Our Offerings

We provide a variety of recruiting services at AC Lion, including executive search and permanent placement. We deal with customers of various sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, and tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. 


Our executive search services are geared on locating top-tier talent, and our permanent placement services can assist you in assembling long-term teams for your company. 

Our Digital Media Recruitment Methodology

Our hiring procedure is specialized and relationship-based. We take the time to learn about your businesses, cultures, and your recruiting requirements in order to locate and offer the most relevant and qualified personnel. 


We recognize the significance of finding the appropriate personnel to propel your company's growth, and we are committed to achieving the greatest outcomes.


Our Focuses in Digital Media Recruitment Include:

  • Content: Lifestyle, Music, Financial, Branded Entertainment

  • Video: Addressable, OTT, CTV, DSP, SSP, Ad platforms

  • Mobile: Gaming, Content Discovery Platforms, Rich Media

  • Programmatic: RTB, Header Bidding, Trading Desks

  • Social and Search: SEM, SEO, Personalization

Our Expertise in Digital Media and AdTech Staffing

The contemporary digital media environment is fast transforming, ushering in a new manner for consumers to connect, interact with, and comprehend information.


The fight for user attention and engagement has never been fiercer, with content available 24/7 on a number of platforms, including mobile, tablet, desktop, IoT, CTV, gaming, OTT, and upcoming digital platforms. To thrive, businesses must remain ahead of the curve and swiftly adapt to the ever-changing digital media and advertising environment.


AC Lion comprehends the complexity of the digital media market and stays abreast of the newest industry trends and developments. Our recruitment staff is well-equipped to locate and supply the best suitable people to meet the unique requirements of your business.


We have an in-depth grasp of the particular talents and experience necessary for success in the digital media and OTT sectors, and we utilize this knowledge to meet your recruiting objectives.

Specialized AdTech Recruitment Solutions

At AC Lion, we have the expertise and experience to navigate this dynamic industry and provide specialized AdTech recruitment solutions to meet the demands of our clients.


Our team of skilled recruiters understands the nuances of the AdTech market and can provide top-tier talent for various positions, including C-suite executives, sales, marketing, technology, creative, media, human resources, and talent acquisition.


Whether you need temporary or permanent staffing, we will work closely with you to ensure that your organization gets the right fit for your needs. Our mission is to help you achieve your business objectives and drive success in the AdTech industry.

Get In Touch to Find Your Next Digital Media Hire

AC Lion is prepared to help you in recruiting excellent employees for your digital media and advertising firm.


Our specialist recruiting services, in-depth industry knowledge, and relationship-focused approach make us the right partner for your employment requirements.


Contact us now to learn more about how we can assist you in locating the best qualified and relevant personnel for your firm.


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