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HealthTech Recruiting

Why We’re Different

HealthTech is one of the world's fastest-growing sectors as technological developments continue to trail behind the necessities for innovation in the industry. With global health trends leaning towards more proactive prevention practices over reactive treatment aging and a new, more health-conscious generation becoming more accustom to streamline experiences in other sectors, the space to disrupt a multitrillion-dollar industry has never been more open.

AC Lion understands the expanding demand for qualified, specialized HealthTech talent far exceeds the readily accessible supply. We work alongside your organization to ensure the essential players your company needs to scale business, secure capital and incentivize tech adoption.

Our Focuses in HealthTech Include:

  • Enterprise Software

  • Wearable Technology

  • Big Data/Analytics for Healthcare

  • Patient Communication Platforms

  • Pharmaceutical and Consumer-Facing Technologies

Let’s Help You Find the Right Talent To Grow Your Company

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