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U.S. Market Entry

U.S. Market Entry for Global Digital Players

Entering the U.S. Market

AC Lion specializes in working with offshore firms headquartered outside the U.S., and seeking to establish U.S. based teams and to create a market presence in the U.S.  As executive recruiters in NYC we are uniquely qualified to help offshore firms establish a presence in this, the largest market. 

We build teams for our global clients based upon the same elements that are important to our U.S. based clients; a keen understanding of the industry and job roles; assessment of local market conditions and competitors, customer locations, and our awareness of critical cost factors and how they vary across cities.

Success in the U.S. requires the ability to quickly establish a local presence. As executive recruiters in NYC, we are familiar with global markets, best business practices, and are knowledgeable partners in identifying the best talent for your entry into the U.S.

Teams we have helped build in the U.S.:

Our Unique Experience with Global Firms Entering the US

As a premiere executive recruiting firm headquartered in NYC, AC Lion advises and assists international clients with the successful opening and expansion of their business in the U.S. through hiring key talent. 

Our presence outside the U.S. helps us to keenly understand the challenges of establishing teams internationally. 

Drawing on our 20+ years of experience, our understanding of the challenges of building a U.S. based digital team is unmatched. We assist you with your recruitment strategy including:

  • Consideration of broader organizational and cultural strategies
  • Consideration of availability of skills, language and networks locally
  • Understanding of local labor laws
  • Ensuring adequate integration, training and development
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In my many years of interacting with recruiters, Meredith has been the most valuable and professional one. We shared one simple and common goal, to find me the best organization for my career. With a huge list of amazing opportunities, Meredith was able to connect me and my future employer within a short time period. The process was painless, highly organized, proactive and results were achieved between all parties. Personally, I am very grateful for her help throughout everything.

AC Lion success in recruiting

Xiao Lin

VP Strategy at Gimbal