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AgTech Recruitment

Recruiting for Agriculture Technology Industry

The agriculture industry is in the midst of digital transformation, using today’s ever evolving technology to improve all facets of operations. Digitization, automation, AI, IoT, SaaS platforms, data analytics, and precision farming are just some of the areas undergoing rapid change and adoption, improving the full spectrum of agriculture operations and processes.


This digital innovation helps farmers improve their sustainability and yield, and benefits both farmers and consumers.


AC Lion is well versed in digital transformation, having helped many clients in other sectors through the digital transformation process. AC Lion’s deep knowledge of all things tech is helping innovative AgTech and FoodTech companies hire the right tech-forward talent—be that farmer/growers, or retailers/manufacturers, or any other facet of the AgTech agribusiness.


We know that finding talent with one foot in Ag and one foot in tech is not easy – and that’s where we come in.

Our AgTech Focus

Predictive Analytics - Precision Agriculture

Predictive Analytics/Precision Agriculture

AI/ML/Product Innovation

AI/ML/Product Innovation

Supply Chain Logistics

Supply Chain Logistics

Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

Farm Management

Farm Management

Drones & Robotics

Drones & Robotics

The AC Lion Difference

AC Lion is passionate about bringing modern technology to all areas of the AgTech markets, and is especially committed to helping with sustainability, and helping famers and agribusiness overcome the challenges of today’s ag ecosystem. Our knowledge of SaaS platforms, AI, and other software and platforms, and their usage in today’s growing marketplace, is exemplary.


Providing farmers with specific tech to meet their particular needs while preserving the environment and enhancing the food supply is one of our concerns. We are proud to help nurture the growth of the AgTech and FoodTech sectors across the USA.


AC Lion’s ability to respond quickly, truly understand your business needs, and make the right recommendations the first time is what makes us a true partner in your success.


Whether you need:

  • A Product Manager for your SaaS soil health platform,
  • Client Success professionals to help your clients use your AI precision farming system,
  • Salespeople to increase adoption of farmers using IoT to improve crop yield,
  • Marketers to get the word out about your agribusiness marketplace or foodtech product.


AC Lion has you covered. Our team of expert recruiters bring our proven methodology of high touch and high tech to every search, from start up to Fortune 100. We collaborate with many companies just past the seed round stage, helping them grow to maturity.

Our Focuses in AgTech Include:

  • Agribusiness Marketplace

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture

  • Farm Management and Insights

  • Financial Services

  • Plant Breeding Platform

  • Robotics and Automation


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