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Upskilling for AI-Driven Job Markets: Staying Relevant and Competitive

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an unavoidable part of the job market due to technological advances. From streamlining operations to enhancing customer experiences, AI has found its way into various aspects of business.  One notable area where AI has gained popularity is in the recruitment process, specifically candidate screening. While AI-driven tools offer efficiency and…

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Nationally Ranked Recruiter – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and now 2022!

  A Letter from Our CEO:   Back in 2017, Tom Brady was winning the Super Bowl for my New England Patriots… Back then, Big Little Lies and the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel were in their first season… Back then, the wrong winner was announced for Best Picture—Lala Land could not hold a candle to Moonlight……

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How to Hire the Best in Breed Sales and Marketing in Today’s Talent Market

Your systems and operations have proven themselves, and your products and services sell. Your final, and arguably most important component for business optimization, is a sales and marketing team to get you the right customers. The landscape for elite talent is always a seller’s market. You will be in competition with your industry’s usual suspects,…

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Why Smart Companies Are Hiring People Ops Right Now

Benefits. Compliance. Policies.  Human Resources used to be about hiring people and managing rules, about paperwork and procedures. In today’s tech-first work world, technological innovation has disrupted HR.  People Ops focuses on maximizing the true value of the individual employee and using that value to drive the growth and expansion of the business. Increase The…

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Recruiting for Blockchain Companies

Blockchain.  Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin.  Digital Ledgers.  This new world of  digital payment systems is growing exponentially.  New companies are diving into blockchain every day and large established firms are exploring blockchain’s potential for their operations such as  cryptocurrency payment transactions and recruiting. Learn more about the blockchain system and how to recruit for companies that offer…

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Is Your Sales Team Prepared for Inbound Sales?

Is your sales team ready to start working the inbound sales way?

We often think about disruption in terms of the way that it impacts industries. Uber and Lyft transformed the transportation sector; Netflix changed the way people flip through the channels on their TV. However, disruptions that change the way business gets done are all too often overlooked, and its impact frequently isn’t recognized until it’s…

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What is Sales DNA Anyway?

Sales training is only one part of what makes a great sales team. Uncover the meaning of sales DNA.

A few weeks ago, in a post about hiring local talent to sell in countries outside of the U.S., I mentioned that it was critical to onboard sales talent who have the right “Sales DNA.” I didn’t define it at the time; however, it’s important for you to understand exactly what it is you need…

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How the NFL Patriots Creates a Dynasty – Led by Great Managers and a G.O.A.T

How do you take an under-performing team and turn them into a dynasty? How do you make sure you have the right players and personnel to build that long-term powerhouse? Robert Kraft bought the NFL’s New England Patriots in 1994 and spent the next six years looking for a football executive he could work with…

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Five Ways the Interview Process Can Positively Impact Your Brand

How the Interview Process can Improve Your Brand

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than a job interview? Earnest candidates spend their time conducting research on the company beforehand; and likely worrying about everything from the firmness of a handshake, to a suit that conveys the perfect message. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not much easier from the employer’s perspective. Identifying top talent and…

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Farewell from Intern Gil Kaplun

I have seen things grow. My youngest cousin Jeremy was born when I was 12 years old. He is now eight years old and I remember when he started crawling, walking, and talking. I have watched my basketball team grow from a middle of the pack team, to a potential contender, to a team that…

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