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5 Ways to Utilize Your Extra Time on a Snow Day

5 Ways to Utilize Your Extra Time on a Snow Day
Lionseye insights from AC Lion


Life in digital sales, marketing, management and technology is all go and no stop. With a majority of work done online, emails and messages coming in and going out through all hours of the day and night, sometimes you wonder if you can ever catch a break. Then, in the middle of winter, you hear it. If you are located in the Northeast, you probably have seen the weathermen with big letters wizzing by on the screen, “Blizzard Warning. Snowstorm Watch. A Foot of Snow Hitting Your Area.” The kids don’t go to school. Your office shuts down. You stay at home to the tune of kids cartoons and clients calls mixed together.

It’s easy to get caught off guard with the day off. If you can only do so much work from home but still want to stay productive out of the office then bundle up in a blanket, grab your usual cup of coffee and get more done then you ever thought.


Reach Out to Old Contacts

You’ve probably had a million and one excuses for not reaching out to old clients or contacts. Not enough down time in the day. No proper context to reach out. Well what is a better time to shoot out an email or give a call when you know you are both stuck indoors for the day? A snow day is the perfect opportunity to not only stay warm but to reheat old relationships sitting cold in your Rolodex.

Update Your Social Medias

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, social media overload! After a full day of work, there is not nearly enough time to keep up with what everyone is posting let alone updating yourself. Upload a new profile picture, post a couple of statuses across your platforms, and update your skills on LinkedIn. You can also take the time to reconnect with old colleagues online.


Read All Those News Articles You Missed (Because of Meetings)

Your industry, whether you are in sales, marketing, technology, software, etc is always changing. It can be hard to keep up with the constant news of product releases, conferences, algorithm changes and industry leader op-eds. With the newfound day off, take the time to brush up on your favorite publications, company blogs and press releases. If you have the time, maybe even read a book that’s been on your to-do list since the last snow day. Not only will you can insight that you can bring into the office the next day, but it will be the most relaxed scenario you could have to catch up on the news.


Write a Blog Post

You don’t have be an Ernest Hemingway to express your thoughts with the world. With over 99% of LinkedIn users engaging and consuming content and one 1% creating content, writing an industry blog post on the site could open up new opportunities. Start off with an idea you may have had while daydreaming about the snowstorm yesterday and expand from there. You may just end up writing your own book or auto-biography!


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Upgrade Your Portfolio

No matter what your industry, you most likely have some pieces you are proud of that you are proud of but are feeling neglected. Dust off your portfolio and add some of your recent accomplishments. If your profession does not call for a full blown portfolio, you can always take the day off to upgrade your pitches or closes.


What could have been a full day of Netflix bingeing or snacking might just land you new clients, leads, or developments. Have some extra time off after all you accomplished? Check out our job board and see some of the new opportunities which may have opened while you were shoveling your driveway!


From the AC Lion Team, stay warm and stay safe during your snow day.