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Sense and Respond: How All Companies Are Software Companies

Sense and Respond Software Companies

Software is eating the world. Companies from banking to publishing, many of who built their success without the raw material of technology, are now relying on digital product to remain relevant in the modern landscape. But how do companies who once functioned on the “assembly-line” mentality of development adjust to the continuously-updating methods utilized by software companies? More importantly, how do executives create a culture that promotes new means of digital development?




Last week, we had the privilege of celebrating UX designers and authors Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden for their newest book Sense & Respond. The book launch took place at the lavish 10 Hudson Yards in New York City to an audience of longstanding friends, family and colleagues. Before the keynote speech from the authors, sponsors of the event, AC Lion and Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, took the time to recognize the importance of coming together to recognize thought leaders in product design and digital management. Both BCG Digital Ventures and ourselves have supported the digital interactive, design and development community and continuing support of events such as this. Our Vice Presidents of Product and Design, Jeff Wernecke and Rick Aronstein, took a moment to personally recognize the long standing achievements of Jeff and Josh, not only as leaders in the UX field, but as long time friends who have supported the two’s work throughout their careers. 




Jeff and Josh took the stage to go over the key principles of their newest book and what organizations can do to foster the software model of development. After the critical success of their previous book, Lean UX, Josh and Jeff were approached with an overarching response, “this method works great, but our company just doesn’t work that way.” Sense & Respond: How Successful Organizations Listen to Customers and Create New Products seeks to answer how companies and their executive suite can adjust their methods of design and their culture to reflect a new way development in a continuous feedback-based loop. “In digital product, like warfare, you never know what’s going to happen.” Josh brought up while going over the Sense and Respond model. Lean UX has become a staple in the product design industry, inspiring countless startup companies and corporation’s application, website, and emerging tech launches. We are certain that Sense & Respond will influence the way management teams will operate within the field of product management. 



The Sense & Respond Method


Create a two-way conversation 


Focus on outcomes. 


Embrace continuous changes and continuous processes. 


Create collaborations. 


Create a learning culture.



Sense & Respond is out now. It can be purchased today from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Alan Cutter

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