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Tips to Improve Your Thank You Note – From Someone Who Sees Hundreds of Them

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You made a great impression during the interview, answered all the questions directly while impressing the interviewers with all your company research. But don’t think you’re done just yet. To really seal the deal and get that second interview (or, hopefully, the job offer), the next step you need to take is to craft the perfect thank you note. A thank you note solidifies your interest in the company and position, plus gives you a way to stand out after the interview. Our very own Recruiting Associate, Rachel Levi breaks down how to make sure your thank you note isn’t a dud. So before you write that note (which should be sent out very soon after an interview, no more than 24 hours from the interview), take these tips into consideration before putting ink to paper or fingers to keyboard.
Pre – Interview: Take Notes!
Before you step into the interview, make sure to bring a notepad and a pen to take notes and ask your interviewer if you can take note. Not only does it show a level of seriousness, but it also allows you to keep track of multiple names, memorable pieces of the conversation and experiences during long interviews. If you are meeting with the hiring manager, staff members, and c-suite all in the same interview, it is easy to lose track of key details. Having notes on hand while writing your thank you letter can make the note more personalized based on the conversations you had with specific people.


1. Personalize Your Insights for Each Interviewer

Every employee you interview with at a company will have a drastically different view of both the company and your potential role superficially. Make sure to mention what the takeaways were from each particular interviewer when crafting your thank you notes. If one interviewer was being blunter than another, or what sounded more passionate, then make sure to reflect on how they acted and tune you’re writing in accordingly.


2. Keep it Real, Add a Touch of Individuality
Did you strike up a conversation about a mutual colleague during the interview? Maybe you and one of your interviewers are fans of the same sports team, or you went to the same college as one of their nieces or nephews. Bring that connection up in your note. A small remark outside of the generic will make you stand out among the other candidates, plus gain the appreciation of your interviewer.

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3. Deepen the Conversation in Your Follow-up

The conversation does not have to stop after the interview. If your interviewer asked you a question and you thought of a better answer after the interview, share your thoughts on the matter in your note. It shows that you took their question seriously enough to think of it beyond the interview. If you have any previous project samples or portfolio pieces that you can back up your answer with as well, make sure to send them over too. It strengthens your word and shows your overall dedication to the role.


4. Do You Really Want the Job? Make Sure Your Email Shows it!

When sending over multiple thank you notes, whether it’s through email or snail mail, do not use the same template for all the same emails. Not only does it reflect the kind of worker you are, but it does not bode well you for as a candidate if two interviewers find out you wrote them both the same thank you letter. Or worse, you accidentally send that thank you note to the wrong person. We don’t think your interviewers would look too highly of you if you go through a whole interview with them and then address them by the wrong name right away. Hiring managers and frequent interviewers alike have seen hundreds of thank you notes, so don’t think copying and pasting from the internet is going to help you either. Take the time to write out the note from start to finish.



If you are lucky, you will receive a response back within a couple of day after sending over your note. If it takes more time to hear back from your interviewers, don’t worry. Plenty of factors could be in place that stop hiring managers or others from sending responses back that are beyond you as a potential new employee. But, if you have not heard back from them in a couple of weeks, make sure to reach out and ask about next steps.

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Looking for more tips? Have any questions or comments? Reach out to Rachel at

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