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Selling into the US Market – Does Your Sales Team have the Right DNA?

One of the toughest decisions my global clients wrestle with revolves around the location of their sales team. Should we hire in our home country or build an offshore sales team in the U.S.? One can argue with the prevalence and successes of inbound lead-gen marketing and improved communication tools, you can get significant traction…

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Five Ways the Interview Process Can Positively Impact Your Brand

How the Interview Process can Improve Your Brand

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than a job interview? Earnest candidates spend their time conducting research on the company beforehand; and likely worrying about everything from the firmness of a handshake, to a suit that conveys the perfect message. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not much easier from the employer’s perspective. Identifying top talent and…

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The Growing Demand for Product Management

How to effectively hire Digital Product Management

There is a growing demand for product management talent because there are so many digital companies that have never existed before. Industries adopting and leveraging new technologies such as Retail / Direct to Consumer, Automotive, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Healthcare, have created a demand for innovative product managers who bring both industry experience as well…

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2019’s 3 Largest Roadblocks in Hiring Digital Marketing Talent

Hiring digital marketing talent like finding a needle in a haystack

Marketing Continues to Shift and Talent is in Short Supply Don’t panic, but there’s a digital marketing talent shortage. If you’re struggling to attract, hire, and retain digital marketing and digital product talent, you are not alone. A staggering 59% of companies hiring are looking to attract digital marketers, and only 19% of those marketers…

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