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The Q1 results are in and we killed it!

Businessman celebrating with trophy in hand
Lionseye insights from AC Lion

Had our morning meeting today and talked numbers – guess what? We had a HUGE Q1!In a down economy we killed it!
A lot of our clients/ candidates ask us; how are you doing in this economy? The answer: we are thriving! And that goes back to our core values and service.
After more than 12 years of listening, we’ve learned the space. We’ve acquired a firm understanding of the industry. We’ve actually gotten to know what your company needs, who you are, and exactly what type of person you’re looking for. That talent comes from a smart, educated experienced staff dedicated to making the best match–for all involved.
Because of our innate ability to listen to your company’s particular needs, we:

*Have always understood your company and your space because we’re specialists in recruiting.
*Can look at a resumé, speak to a candidate and intuitively match them and their skills with the culture and personality of the firm.
*Have negotiated well over $60 million in payroll and compensation packages since 1996.
*Focused our efforts on your space through our vast database of over 90,000 qualified candidates.
* Built strong, long-term relationships between our industry-savvy recruiters and our trusted partners to source the best talent for top-growth companies and help them maintain their competitive edges.
*Used industry-leading methodology and cutting-edge technology to get the best staff on the job, fast, to speed the recruitment process and enhance efficiencies.
*Created an unparalleled network of companies and clients.
*Recently doubled our staff and took over an entire floor in mid-town Manhattan

Here’s what it comes down to

Companies need recruiters who have deep relationships and who can network with passive candidates and bring the opportunities to them.

That’s what has allowed us to grow and succeed in 2009!

Congratulations to the whole AC Lion team.

Alan Cutter;
Bonnie Zaben;
Mike Adler;
Dan Goldsmith;
Edna Brown;
Ted O’Brien;
Josh Marmer;
Eve Stieglitz;
Nadav Geft;
Matt Devlin;
Dana Lupton;
David Shadpour;
Chris Masters;
Asher Abraham;
Dani Shapiro;
Sean Weinberg
and our super crew of interns!:
Adira Katlowitz;
Ed Butterman;
Elliot Friedman

Special shout out to Josh Marmer who has had a very strong quarter!