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Dan Goldsmith Featured on DigiDay

Lionseye insights from AC Lion
Our very own Managing Big Kahuna Meister; Dan Goldsmith has an article out on ‘ Precision Guided Resumes’ in this past Wednesday’s DigiDay.

Here are some tasty morsels for those of you like myself who are too lazy to read entire articles. I am the facebook generation.

• Hierarchy and outline structure will lead the reader along in an effortless way. Be certain the supervisory logic is established and communicated with minimal effort on behalf of the person reading your resume.
• Be consistent in convention throughout the entire resume. If you are spelling the name of the state “New York” in one part of your resume then you’d better use “Illinois” or “Ohio” for other locations –v- Ill or Oh. Every little convention you assume must be 100% consistent bottom to top. Having read resumes for the last 8 years I can tell you that constancy and structure connote professionalism, specificity and impact and generally set the right tone.
• Consider use of indents and bullets to transition from general to specific components of each job presentation. As well a discreet use of bold and italics are easy ways to give the resume flow and contour.
• Size may not matter but balance sure does. Keep bulleted paragraphs balanced in terms of the amount of space each consumes. Resource planning is critical for the appropriate visual impact. If you dump 9 bullets on one job and only 3 bullets on another job one may be led to believe that either you’re embellishing on the 9 bullet job or simply have nothing to say about the 3 bullet job. I advise to find a medium across all of your experiences.
• Group your bullets in a consistent fashion. Perhaps the first two bullets of each job description will illuminate initiatives you were tasked with while the last few bullets will illuminate the net result of such actions.
• Test your ability to conceive and write powerful sentences and very accurate use of verbs. The most over used word in resumes seems to be “managed”. I happen to frown on this word because it really doesn’t describe, in a granular sense, exactly what it is you did. The definition of managed is “to bring about success”.

Nicely done Dan!
p.s. any of you going to be at SES next week? I’d love to meet up!