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The 7 Best Podcasts To Tune Into for Your Next Job Search


Whether you’re on the road, at your desk or on the train, there is nothing like tuning into your favorite podcast. In the US alone, there are over 67 million month podcast listeners who regularly listen in for news about politics and culture or to follow a story or trial. Many companies, publications and even individuals have seen the success of podcasts (just take a look at our podcast for example) and have taken to the mic for any numbers of topics. So, while you’re searching for your next job, see some of the top podcasts to listen to for career advice, insight and inspiration.


How I Built This

The multimillionaire businessmen, sellers, marketers, and innovators started off somewhere. NPR’s How I Built This is a podcast about the entrepreneurs and strategists of today and the moments where their lives dramatically changed. This podcast is a great source of inspiration for anyone who looking to create something new and is just a light-bulb-above-the-head moment. Our personal favorite episode is with John Zimmer and how the creation of Lyft was inspired by the road blockage in his college town.

Back to Work

Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin take to the mic to discuss everything under the sun. From iOS accessibility to “X-Men,” Back to Work take a creative approach to discussing communication in the workplace, tools to increase productivity and more for their self-described demographic of “geeks, designers, developers, gamers, entrepreneurs and ‘people like you.’”

Career Cloud Radio – Job Search Advice and Tactics

Chris Russell hosts a monthly podcast series with resume writers, hiring managers and recruiters across the digital space. Chris covers fixing resumes, cover letters, and interviewing. If you need a podcast to give your job searching tools a much needed refresh, then look no further.

The Garyvee Audio Experience

If you don’t know Gary Vaynerchuck, you not only need to listen to this podcast, but you need only to look at VaynerMedia, Uber, Birchbox, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter, all of which Gary has invested in. Gary Vaynerchuck regularly posts podcasts answering listener-submitted questions and keynote speeches on marketing and business. Gary regularly brings on guests from John Legend to Joe Rogan.

Coffee Break Spanish

Nothing says you can’t enhance your skillset on the go or while applying to jobs at the same time. Coffee Break is the perfect way to build your language skills from the ground up, or to get a refresher if you have more experience. Already bilingual in English/Spanish? Coffee Break has other podcasts for French, Italian, German and Chinese so you’ll be ready for your next interview in whatever language.

The Productivityist Podcast

Need some advice on how to manage your time, organize your workflow, or set realistic goals? Then this is the podcast for you. Hosted by productivity strategist Mike Vardy, The Productivityist discusses all the ways you can take advantage of your time and…well…make it more productive! Expect new tools, tips, tricks and technology to make the most of your time with each week’s episode.

Missing Richard

All work and no play certainly won’t get you to your next position. Sometimes you need a break from your job search and what a better way to take a break than by listening to someone else’s search. Missing Richard Simmons follows filmmaker Dan Taberski’s search for longtime friend and fitness guru Richard Simmons. The story has twists and turns, getting stranger with each episode. A new episode of Missing Richard is the perfect motivator for your own job search efforts.

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Alan Cutter

Alan Cutter founded New York City's premier digital media recruiting agency, AC Lion International, and continues to lead the growing company as their fearless CEO. For over 20 years, AC Lion has been the trusted provider of revenue generating talent in the digital and technology landscape. Our reach spans from innovative venture-backed startups to enterprise level organizations. AC Lion is a proud member of the Lionseye Group, a collective of brands furthering talent acquisition through Venture Capital, HR Technology and Thought Leadership.