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Meet the Lions: Steven Berman




AC Lion has been an industry leader in digital recruiting for 20 years – but enough about us.  

Let’s celebrate the Lions.  



If you’ve worked with us before, you know firsthand the passion, expertise, and most importantly – the individuality that our recruiters bring to the table.  What makes each one of our executive recruiters so great is that, for us, it’s all about the connection.  

Meet the Lions is our chance to deepen that connection and go beyond the InMails and cold calling to something much more substantial.  Each week, we will showcase one or two of our Lions in an array of formats from podcasts to presentations to brief video spots, all with one goal in mind: connection.

And if you’re inspired to reach out in kind, we’d love to hear what you’re roaring about.

We’re kicking things off this Halloween week with a Podcast from Executive Recruiter Steven Berman. Steven is infectiously upbeat, social, and sharp.  A New Yorker through and through, Steven has a background in helping startups grow through raising capital, and now he helps them grow through talent acquisition.  In his short time at AC Lion, Steven has blown expectations out of the water, and is consistently placing candidates with his natural ability and knowledge of the digital space.

He is also probably AC Lion’s healthiest-eating recruiter – just ask him about his theories on “bite optimization”.  

In this inaugural edition of Meet The Lions, Steven sits down with David Markovich of to talk recruitment, nailing the perfect resume, and salads.  Enjoy!





Alan Cutter

Alan Cutter founded New York City's premier digital recruiting agency, AC Lion International, and continues to lead the growing company as their fearless CEO. For over 20 years, AC Lion has been the trusted provider of revenue generating talent in the digital and technology landscape. Our reach spans from innovative venture-backed startups to enterprise level organizations. AC Lion is a proud member of the Lionseye Group, a collective of brands furthering talent acquisition through Venture Capital, HR Technology and Thought Leadership.