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Learning to Read People Better

Lionseye insights from AC Lion
Here at AC Lion, a new Professional Development Series has just been kicked off. This series is meant to help our team be all that they can be. Internal and external resources on the Digital Media or Sales space will be speaking on specific topics geared towards the team’s personal business development.
To kick off the series, Anne Miller was invited to speak with us. Anne is an internationally known speaker, author and seminar leader who teaches sales people how to increase their business. She regularly coaches CEO’s and senior management to communicate successfully to key constituencies; and enables technical people to transform complex information into simpler, meaningful messages.
Anne spoke to us about the four different personalities of selling styles- Ideas, People, Data, and Action. For each one, we went through different scenarios to differentiate between the styles. This helped us classify and clarify our own intrinsic styles as well as help us better understand, connect, and work with our clients and candidates.
To check out more info about Anne Miller, or to recruit her for your own company, please check out her
Estee Colman is part of AC Lion’s Fall 2009 cadre of interns.