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AC Lion Interns Class of 2009

Lionseye insights from AC Lion
I remember my first day here. I was warned I would learn more this summer than any college semester course could ever teach me. Talk about the understatement of the century.
Turns out, within my very first three hours at AC Lion, I already had a clearer understanding of the online interactive space. And as my first week progressed, I kept understanding, learning and retaining every bit of information I could. Every intern here had their yellow Staples notebook permanently attached to his or her hand so as not to miss a single piece of info and word of wisdom we were fortunate enough to hear.
But AC Lion has taught me more than just what an ad network is, or the difference between SEO and SEM. I have gained a new set of professional life skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. “I daily improved my time management skills and level of professionalism as I balanced multiple projects and dealt with candidates,” said intern Basyah Klyman.
Micha Hershkop, a fellow intern, said, “I believe the internship at AC Lion not only gave me a feel for marketing/recruitment, but also gave me invaluable experience in the business world. Working alongside incredibly bright, talented, and all-around solid professionals helped me learn at an incredibly fast pace- and pick up important new skill sets.”
This internship has been an experience to say the least. Intern Zach Weiner reflected on his summer as well. “I believe the most important thing about an internship is to gain hands-on experience. I got that at AC Lion in so many different forms. From social media campaigns, marketing research, to even cold calling, my resume can now say I have more than just the knowledge of the media space, but the experience to back it up.”
Our summer culminated with the daunting task of pitching ourselves to the CEO, COO, and the entire management staff. I learned that the most important lesson is to have the confidence to be confident in myself. I am ending this internship a more well-rounded, intelligent, and hopefully more employable adult than when it began.
On behalf of all the interns here, we would like to thank the entire AC Lion team for the incredible experience and priceless opportunity. Thanks to Bonnie Zaben, Chris Masters, Dan Goldsmith, Dana Lupton, Edna Brown, Eve Stieglitz, Josh Marmer, Matt Devlin, Mike Adler, Nadav Geft, Ted O’Brien, and of course our fearless leader, Alan Cutter.
I would also like to personally thank my supervisor, Chris Masters. Not only did Chris give me compelling tasks and stimulating jobs that were catered to my interests, but he made the point of teaching me something new every step of the way. Chris had a genuine interest in helping to make me into a better intern and an overall more sophisticated and well-rounded individual.
If you too are looking to obtain a valuable internship with tons of opportunity to learn and grow, feel free to visit our website,
Hi! It’s Shirlee Spitzer, Media Marketing Associate here at AC Lion. As a Journalism and Media major at Rutgers University , I’m constantly looking for feedback on my work. Feel free to leave some criticism, constructive or not! (Although, admittedly, I do prefer constructive).