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How to Win Over Your New Coworkers

Win over your coworkeres
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Win over your coworkeres

The challenge of starting a new job isn’t just about job itself – it’s also about building office friendships from scratch. These social connections are a vital piece of starting off on the right foot. In fact, studies have shown that camaraderie is a key ingredient to happiness at work, as well as productivity. So how can you make sure to hit it off with new colleagues and form those valuable bonds? Here are a few tips.

1. Get to know them on a personal level.

Grow your network within the office by finding common ground with your coworkers. To do this, you’ll need to take time to get to know your office-mates outside of the workplace. Make it your mission to spend your first week or two going out for coffee or lunch with as many new people as possible.

2. Avoid gossip.

One of the surest ways to get on a coworker’s bad side is to get caught up in office drama. Avoid it like the plague. You can spread good word as much as you like, but don’t let yourself say something negative about someone else (especially not in writing!). It can be tempting to take sides in an effort to get a coworker to warm up to you, but considering you’re the new person on the block and don’t have a complete perspective on the issue, it isn’t your place. It is a good idea to avoid the fray and stay mum.

3. Show your gratitude.

It may seem like obvious politeness, but remember to thank your coworkers for their contributions. By making them feel appreciated, you’re creating an ally. Avoid sucking up or false flattery (especially about superficial things), but when a coworker has done a great job, be sure to mention it.

4. Understand the office culture.

Take note of the office culture and adapt accordingly. Finding friends often requires fitting in, so pay attention to how the place operates, including when people get into (and leave) work, how long of a lunch break they take, and preferred methods of communication throughout the day.

5. Secure an early win.

Respect is a key ingredient of any strong relationship. To earn that respect, look for a way to score a win at work early on, even if it seems small. Perhaps there’s room for efficiency in certain areas, performance metrics that you can blow out of the water, or a unique skill you can bring to the table. No matter how small, showing you were hired for a reason can go a long way toward establishing credibility with your new coworkers.

What have you done to integrate into your new company culture? Any tips or tricks? Leave comments below! 

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