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How to Pick The Right Hiring Partner


It’s hard to find good help these days — unless you have good help that is helping you look. Having a truly professional recruitment process is a must if you plan on hiring employees who will make your company competitive in today’s digitally transformed, lightning fast business landscape.

Let’s take a look at what you should require in a modern recruitment partner.

High Efficiency Recruiting

When you outsource your hiring process to a professional organization, you are paying primarily for a centralized knowledge base of best practices. What does this mean? Efficiency! Regardless of your needs across departments, the scale of your expansion or the rarity of your skills requirements, you must be able to require quantified deliverables on a timeline. With this sort of efficiency, you can begin to schedule your progress instead of hoping a much less expensive Steve Jobs shows up to save your workflow like Prince Charming saved Sleeping Beauty.

A Less Expensive Talent Acquisition Process

Many companies forego hiring a third-party recruiter because they believe outsourcing to be more expensive than doing in-house recruiting. Quite the contrary! The right partner saves you much more in talent acquisition spend than you ever put out in fees. This includes the man hours your HR department saves and the profits you gain from making the best hires in your industry.

Glassdoor values unfilled positions in American tech alone at $20.1 billion. What’s your share of this number? One thing’s for sure – the more positions that stay unoccupied in your organization, the bigger your losses.

Attracting Passive Talent Pools

Elite talent, especially in tech, is always enjoying a seller’s market. These guys and girls also have the option of contracting themselves out in the gig economy or starting their own consulting firm to charge you double or triple what you might pay them as employees.

The right recruiter knows how to position your company and your offering to appeal to top talent. Your culture, infrastructure and social standing are just as important as your benefits package. With a properly managed image, even a small company can steal top talent from industry leaders. That’s the very definition of disruption!

Scalable and Agile Recruitment

The right recruiter brings you better employees for two reasons: 1. a more efficient and dedicated talent acquisition process. Your recruitment partner specializes in finding even when your in house HR can’t. 2. Even when something goes wrong, your recruiter can immediately pivot into Plan B.

Suppose you have a sudden need for talent because of an unexpected pop in business. You need a team with a ready-made infrastructure in place to take advantage. An outside recruiter is ready to scale when you are no matter how quickly that need arises. In-house talent, no matter how talented, will always be bogged down with the day-to-day grind and be less efficient during emergencies.

Higher Candidate Engagement

A report from Harris Interactive showed that 42% of potential employees would not pursue employment with a company that had a negative application experience. 22% of these people would tell their friends and associates about the negativity, and 9% would go so far as to encourage their social circles against using the products and services of that company.

Today’s candidate experience is more than throwing a job description to the wind. Even a well-placed description is not enough. The first time that a prospect with choices reads that description, (s)he is interviewing you. Your employer brand must shine through, and your hiring process must be streamlined to engage top candidates while screening for compatibility.

Disrupting industries means hiring the best employees, and this takes a disruptive hiring process. Keep the best practices above in mind when you’re picking your recruiting partner, and you should soon enjoy powerful results.

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Alan Cutter

Alan Cutter founded New York City's premier digital recruiting agency, AC Lion International, and continues to lead the growing company as their fearless CEO. For over 20 years, AC Lion has been the trusted provider of revenue generating talent in the digital and technology landscape. Our reach spans from innovative venture-backed startups to enterprise level organizations. AC Lion is a proud member of the Lionseye Group, a collective of brands furthering talent acquisition through Venture Capital, HR Technology and Thought Leadership.