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Giles Van Praagh 3 year anniversary!

Lionseye insights from AC Lion

Congratulations to Giles Van Praagh on his three year anniversary with AC Lion. In this time Giles has built our executive level retained practice, Lionseye Group, from a standing start to business with a current annual seven figure revenue run rate. More importantly, Giles has had the opportunity to earn the trust of an amazing group of clients and candidates across Lionseye’s addressable markets of:

1) Digital native entities including: digital media (publishers through to brands and agencies with the whole alphabet soup of adtech in the middle), martech, ecommerce, gaming and enterprise SaaS,

2) Advertising agencies with a strong focus on the media side of the ecosystem (even though in reality media and creative are converging) and

3) “Analog” companies across industry verticals looking to add digital talent at the highest levels of their organizations.


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