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10 Reasons Santa Needs a New Job in 2023

We can’t believe it’s almost over, this year of 2022… but our team is still hard at work making dreams come true. From Finance and Marketing to Sales and HR, we’re always committed to helping you raise the bar. Across the globe & in many industries, we help the best of the best make their…

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Wage Transparency Hits the Tech World: Local Laws Impact Remote Hiring

  On November 1, New York City will require the posting of salary ranges on all job ads. The Big Apple joins an ever-increasing number of states and municipalities enacting similar laws. Seventeen places nationwide have already enacted pay transparency laws including Maryland, Washington, Nevada, and Rhode Island, among others – and California’s law goes…

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Winning the War for Fintech Talent in 2022: Compensation Issues

As the Crypto and Fintech companies compete for talent, they are finding different challenges these days. Working for the equity or tokens, or passion for the cause is no longer enough to woo and retain talent. With the recent growth of VC funding, many companies are upping their compensation and perks to stay competitive. Here…

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Technology Can Help Recruiters Embrace Global Hiring Trends

Global Hiring Tech Trends

In a world where so many people are now working from home instead of physical locations, the world of work is beginning to look very different. As companies and their HR professionals and recruiters begin to realize the opportunities this new environment may hold for recruiting outside their traditional physical locations, some are beginning to…

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