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The Top Eleven of 2011!

Lionseye insights from AC Lion
For AC Lion and our clients, 2011 was a very exciting year. We have been privileged to work with a diversified client base across the digital media landscape and some of the most talented professionals in the field.  Whether mobile or media, exchanges or enterprise, agencies or analytics, AC Lion brings a track record of over 15 years and over $90 million in compensation negotiated.

Thought I would share some of AC Lion’s successes—the Top Eleven of 2011!

  1. VPs Business Dev and Client Services for the leaders in video interactive advertising technology.
  2. VP Media, for top 3 travel media platform with 18,000 clients worldwide.(Retained)
  3. SVP Sales for a video and content distributed network with over 1 billion impressions.
  4. Director of Platform Operations for the world’s top social media company. (Retained)
  5. Senior Sales across the country for Amazon.
  6. Sales People for the world’s largest independent –and fastest growing–ad platform.
  7. EVP Sales (and national team) for sports property with one of the largest aggregated sports audiences.
  8. Senior Enterprise Sales Executives for the leading mobile technology platform.
  9. Directors of Ad Ops and Audience Development, AT&T.
  10. Senior Sales Executives (NY, Chicago, LA) for the world’s most widely used digital maps.
  11. Director of Mobile Advertising Operations, iAds (Apple)

During 2011, we expanded our talent acquisition team with new executive recruiters and an expanded Research Department to meet the growing interest in our services.   We also opened a formal office in the Bay Area, to expand our West Coast reach beyond Los Angeles.

You can find and follow AC Lion on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn .  We will use all of these to regularly communicate about new searches and services and information about the trends, leadership and recruiting in the digital media sector.

May 2012 be a happy and prosperous year!