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Full Stack Data Analyst

  • Location USA
  • Salary $130k/year - 150k/year
  • Posted 11/20/2023

Job Title: Full Stack Data Analyst

Location: Remote in the US

Our client is devoted to delivering high-caliber journalism and
groundbreaking marketing strategies delivering concrete results.
They are looking for a Full Stack Data Analyst to enhance their
Business Intelligence Team as they navigate further growth and
transformation while supplying trusted news and information
across America.

As a Full Stack Data Analyst, you’ll play a key part in using
data to help the company make smart decisions in their media and
publishing work. You’ll team up with different groups, using your
skills in digging into data, handling databases, coding, creating
visualizations, and predicting trends. If you’re a versatile data
pro who loves diving into the world of data science and wants to
make a real difference in the digital news media scene, this may
be the role for you.


Programming and Automation:

* Leverage programming languages such as Python or R to automate
data workflows, devise customized data tools, and elevate
analytical processes.
* Construct applications driven by data to furnish teams with
on-the-fly insights.

Data Visualization:

* Craft compelling visual representations and interactive
interfaces to convey complex trends, patterns, and vital metrics,
fostering effective communication with non-technical

Data Analysis and Reporting:

* Engage in thorough data exploration, employing statistical
analysis and predictive modeling to extract actionable insights
from diverse data sources.
* Develop cutting-edge reports and dynamic dashboards supporting
strategies in news, marketing, product, and business realms.

Model Construction and Machine Learning:

* Collaborate with external experts to construct and implement
machine learning models for forecasting audience behavior,
content performance, and advertising efficacy.
* Deploy model-driven solutions for predicting LTV, understanding
churn patterns, recommending content, personalization, and
segmenting users.

Data Governance:

* Ensure the quality, security, and adherence to privacy
regulations of data.
* Institute and enforce best practices for data governance
throughout the organization.

Collaboration Across Functions:

* Foster seamless collaboration with marketing, news, product,
and IT teams, aligning data analytics and data science with
overarching subscription business objectives.
* Engage in cooperative efforts spanning divisions to gain
insights into diverse consumer cohorts across their lifecycle.
* Coordinate with data engineering counterparts to ensure the
scalability and reliability of data pipelines.

Database Management:

* Architect and uphold robust database structures (BigQuery,
PostgreSql) to streamline data handling and retrieval.
* Formulate and refine intricate ETL processes, safeguarding data
integrity and accessibility


* 10+ years of experience in roles like full stack data analyst
or equivalent, with a focus on data science and constructing
* Proficiently wield data analysis tools and languages (e.g.,
Python, R, SQL).
* Exhibit effective communication and collaboration skills.
* Demonstrate the ability to work independently or seamlessly
within a team in a dynamic media environment.
* Familiarity with data governance, privacy regulations, and
trends in the media industry adds value.
* Mastery in using data visualization tools (e.g., Tableau, Power
BI, DOMO) and front-end development technologies (e.g., HTML,
CSS, JavaScript).
* Possess extensive knowledge in database systems, ETL processes,
and data warehousing; experience with BigQuery is a notable
* Proven history of developing, evaluating, and deploying machine
learning models.

Comp: 130-150k base