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Here We Come 2013 (And a Quick Look At 2012):

Lionseye insights from AC Lion

Amidst our impressive 15+ years of traversing the Digital Media landscape (17 to be exact) this past year was one of our best. In every company it’s the employees that transport the business to the next level of success, and over the past year AC Lion made a concerted effort to focus on its people. Key additions to the company and cultivating the current staff, paired with a positive sales environment brought us to one of the most successful years in our recent history!

Some of AC Lion’s Notable Highlights in 2012:

AC Lion’s success rides on the shoulders of the collective group – it’s a unified effort that takes a company from good to great. Our team is a fine mesh of creative minds and business savvy individuals. We have strong leaders with one of the best captains in the biz (not being biased here). Could we be better? Sure. Hell, that’s what makes us great. We simply aren’t satisfied with being good, we recognize how and where we can improve and adjust swiftly. A good piece of career advice: remaining stagnant is dangerous for business and your personal life; avoid partnering with companies and individuals with complacent mindsets.

Bottom line: The key to success in 2013 is having the right team in place. We’re already building on our 2012 accomplishments in 2013 and look forward to remaining a strong resource to our candidates and clients.