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Your Go-To Executive Staffing Partner in San Francisco

Our team at ACLion recognizes that locating the ideal digital executive talent is crucial to your company's success. As a San Francisco executive recruiting and employment service, we have the experience, knowledge, and network to help you locate and hire the most qualified executives in the Bay Area.


We adopt a novel approach to executive recruiting and staffing, emphasizing the identification of individuals with the appropriate abilities, experience, and cultural fit for your firm.


We have extensive knowledge of the San Francisco market and have successfully placed executives in a variety of sectors, such as Technology, e-Commerce, MarTech, FinTech, HealthTech and many more.

Around The Office

Our Staffing Services in San Francisco

As an executive recruiting and staffing agency, we take pleasure in locating the best digital talent in a variety of sectors. We specialize in filling executive positions in industries such as Retail, Adtech, and Healthcare, among others.


Whether you need a Chief Digital Officer or a Senior Vice President, we have the knowledge and network to find and recruit the top people for your firm.


In addition to our executive search services, we also provide staffing solutions for jobs in Sales, Marketing, Product Management, and People Operations


Unique Approach

AC Lion's approach to executive recruiting and employment is distinctive and sets us apart from the competition. Our enormous database of applicants, along with our high-tech and high-touch techniques, makes us the perfect partner for rising technology firms with rapid development.


Our strategy is cost-effective, from mid-level managers to executives, and we produce the greatest outcomes via a mix of technology and customized attention. Our staff takes the time to comprehend your business's requirements, analyze present and future demands, and design a strategic approach for locating the most qualified candidates for your firm.


Our unrivalled expertise in the digital realm is a vital component of our innovative approach to executive recruiting. We investigate a candidate's soft skills, career goals, and general compatibility with your business. We are able to uncover people that are a great fit for your business since our sourcing and screening procedure extends beyond the résumé.


Forbes has acknowledged our approach, and we are happy to have reached the list of the Best Executive Recruitment Companies for six consecutive years. The fact that we are on this list is a tribute to our dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for our customers.

AC Lion's Proven Track Record of Successful Executive Recruitment in San Francisco

Our dedication to quality is seen by the many success stories and pleased customers we have assisted over the years.


One such example is our collaboration with Frog Design, a San Francisco-based design firm that wanted to enhance its internal recruiting process for Project Manager and Program Manager positions. To do this, they contacted AC Lion's Senior Executive Recruiter, Melina Garda.


Melina's significant expertise in recruiting and her in-depth industry knowledge enabled her to give Frog Design's senior Program Managers with insightful advice and direction. She collaborated extensively with them to establish an interview style and technique that would assist them in determining a candidate's cultural compatibility and technical competence for a certain position.


Melina was able to offer the team the resources they needed to optimize their recruiting process and make better informed judgments via a series of teleconferences.


As a consequence of our partnership with Frog Design, the business was able to identify and hire top-tier personnel that suited their requirements, resulting in enhanced productivity and overall success.


Our relationship with Frog Design is only one of the several success stories in which we have participated. We take great pleasure in our ability to provide outcomes that meet and surpass our customers' expectations, and we maintain long-lasting relationships with each and every one of them.

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