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Los Angeles Executive Recruitment

Do you want to find rare and exceptional digital talent in Los Angeles? The team at AC Lion understands the unique challenges of recruitment in LA. That’s why we strive to be the best executive recruitment agency in Los Angeles.


We work hard to find outstanding digital talent for your business. Whether you need remote or on-site staff, we will help meet your specific objectives.


If you’re searching for the top digital talent in and around Los Angeles and Orange County, contact AC Lion today. We’ll help you connect with highly-qualified candidates looking for employers like you.

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Premier Los Angeles Headhunters

For over 25 years, AC Lion has been a reliable partner to many different companies, including businesses in media and entertainment industries, who are looking to fill their professional needs and culture. Utilizing proprietary technology, our staffing experts connect you to qualified professionals, matching your needs with their qualifications.


Our goal is to make the process of finding and hiring top-tier talent as easy as possible for you. In the staffing industry, where competitive advantage is everything, AC Lion consistently delivers the results you need!


As trusted LA headhunters, we have helped hundreds of companies liven up their digital scene, with detail to catch talent that brings a fresh approach to your business. With our extensive database, we can access the best candidates for even the most competitive roles

Los Angeles headhunters
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The Recruiters You Trust, The Talent You Need

At AC Lion, you’ll never settle for less than the best.


We provide strategic sourcing and screening that goes beyond traditional methods, taking everything from technical expertise to soft skills and career aspirations into account.


Simply put, our experts take the time to ensure you get the perfect employee on board.


Leave your details and our recruitment specialist will get in touch.

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25+ Years of Experience To Help You Find Talent or Find A Job


From mid-level managers to executives, we engage in the most cost-effective way by utilizing high-tech and high-touch approaches. Industries we cater for include:


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