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How To Find a Job in 2013

To be utterly honest, job hunting sucks. There, the word is out. Whether employed or unemployed it is a less than joyous experience to be in the metaphoric “searching for new opportunities” boat. Most job searchers feel that they are entitled to at least getting a response to their application and in a perfect world…

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Social Media On TV: Tweeting With Your Shows!

Earlier this morning I attended PluggedIn Ventures Roundtable “Second Screens & Social TV” and it couldn’t have been better. I jotted a few notes and here’s a quick summary: Social TV, a general term for technology that supports communication and social interaction in either the context of watching television, or related to TV content is truly taking…

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Congrats to AC Lion’s Mike Adler—DigiDay Loves Your New “Blurt”

Wow, think of your voice going viral.  Well, that’s what this cool new audio tool can do.  Record any 30 second clip from your cell phone or browser and send it to your friends. Could be your reaction to a great meal, your recent Black Friday great deal, a wicked pair of high heels, a bad foul…

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