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Time To Exchange All The Leftover Ad-Space

Article By:Sean Weinberg ( Source Article Found In New York Times: Leftover Ad Space? Exchanges Handle the Remnants I read an interesting article in the NYTimes today…. Joe Zawadzki’s traders spend their days in front of two computer screens, feeding their systems with data and trying to perfect their trading algorithms. But they are not…

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Here’s the Skinny on Consumer Behavior!

Article By: Sean Weinberg ( Take a look at the ClickZ Article: Five Ways to Avoid Misinterpreting Consumer Behavior Here’s the skinny. Behavioral Targeting is great, real great; if companies think instead of react. It’s a theme I’ve been hearing more and more lately – everybody is into behavioral targeting, and it’s not that hard…

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Sean Weinberg Sums up “Collective Media Beefs Up Ad Targeting Services”

Here it goes folks; another network acquiring a behavioral targeting technology. Collective Media “has acquired Personifi, a provider of audience targeting technology to Web publishers, ad networks and mobile providers.” Long and short of it is in the network space you’ve got two approaches to behavioral targeting a) Verticalize your sites – i.e. only sign…

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