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5 Ways to Utilize Your Extra Time on a Snow Day

Life in digital sales, marketing, management and technology is all go and no stop. With a majority of work done online, emails and messages coming in and going out through all hours of the day and night, sometimes you wonder if you can ever catch a break. Then, in the middle of winter, you hear…

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Sense and Respond: How All Companies Are Software Companies

Software is eating the world. Companies from banking to publishing, many of who built their success without the raw material of technology, are now relying on digital product to remain relevant in the modern landscape. But how do companies who once functioned on the “assembly-line” mentality of development adjust to the continuously-updating methods utilized by…

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AC Lion at Gabbcon NYC: Disruptive Minds Join Forces

We joined the biggest names in ad tech, programmatic, sales and marketing at GABBCON NYC to discuss the ever-changing nature of the industry. AC Lion was proud to be one of many sponsors of GABBCON this year, encouraging the conversation of innovation in marketing and advertising along with other industry leaders. Our team took the…

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