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AC Lion Welcomes our Summer Interns 2012

Lionseye insights from AC Lion

For people who have never worked an office job before, there are all sorts of pre-conceived notions that come with the first day. You assume that it will fall somewhere between Office Space and The Office, but struggle with understanding exactly what the corporate culture will be like until you get to work and experience it firsthand. There’s always the fear that you will be unfamiliar with the company software, that you’ll get lost while commuting, or, and potentially scariest of all, that your “mentor” Mike Giunta will be singing ‘Call Me, Maybe’ throughout the day. The scariest part though is simply the not knowing what to expect, which is quickly alleviated once you start working.

I found my first day at AC Lion to be extremely rewarding, albeit slightly overwhelming. As an advertising student, I was a little worried I’d feel out of my element here, but was comforted right away by the association with familiar agencies, the number of other marketing and communications interns, and most of all, the overall comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that AC Lion provides. There was an immediate feeling of being part of a community as opposed to just a company. There’s also the feeling of being exposed to immense talent in varying fields. We as interns attended several seminars throughout the day in order to learn more about the digital media industry as a whole, about AC Lion and its endeavors, and an overview of the database cBizOne, a recruiters best friend. It was a whirlwind of new terminology and information, but comes across as manageable given the helpful nature of everyone here. Plus, free pizza!

There’s a whole summer ahead of us with plenty more to learn, but I think all of the interns left after our first day intrigued and ready to work. Soon, we’ll each be assigned individual projects based on our own particular interests that we will fully develop throughout the course of the 10 week program. It’s daunting and totally new for most of us, but undeniably exciting.

Lyndsay Katz
Summer Intern 2012