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AC Lion Sponsors the Mobile Eco Summit

Lionseye insights from AC Lion

AC Lion is proud to sponsor of the 2010 PluggedIn Mobile Eco Summit  on Monday, September 20th in midtown Manhattan.  The Mobile Ecosystem summit encompasses 4 roundtables of 90 minutes with high level networking and meetings among participants and attendees.  The roundtable format is an intimate and laid back discussion with a moderator and a roomful of guests who would like to listen to the content of the discussion.  Roundtables are kept intimate in order to foster networking and meaningful discussion. In fact, roundtables have been referred to as “cage matches” for founders, c-level execs and investors, as they allow for honest conversation with insightful back-and-forth dialogue.

Roundtable participants include:

Mobile Apps:

eyeDipWorldLiveMobileTouraMEDL MobileAppsolute Media, Fox Mobile, Time Inc.,  WSJMTVSony MusicTurner Broadcasting, and Thomson Rueters.

Mobile Marketing:

AppsSavvySocialight, Adenyo, AppularBravo MediaJouleRazorfish, and MRM Worldwide.

Mobile Advertising:

Medialets, JumptapGreystripePercent MobileInMobiTodacell, Ringleader DigitalOgilvyMicrosoft, and Google.


XtifyBuzzdFacebookFiddmeWhereLooptTopguestDoubleDutchIzea, and Grouptabs.

I invite you to join me there. Click here to register.