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When Innovators Meet Evolving Industries, Great Things Happen

Digital Transformation of Industry

The role of digital technology has become a driver of innovation and disruption. Digital transformations are creating value as well as creating inherent risk. Leaders across all industries are grappling with the implications of digitalization; especially its impact on access to top talent. Identifying the right skills is a major challenge that AC Lion has been addressing with its clients for more than twenty years.


Databases, applications, mobile technology and wearable tech, we help develop the teams of world-leading health innovators.



AC Lion knows all about the blending of marketing and technology and has built out teams for the most globally recognized MarTech companies.


Media / AdTech

Publisher brands, cable cutters, streaming services, we speak the language of all things Advertising and Media includuing digital print, gaming, audio and video content.



Bringing new technology to one of the most traditional industries, we represent the chatbots, IoT, and tech platforms across all retail and online purchasing platforms.



Online transactions, blockchain networks, smart contracts, no matter your focus AC Lion is committed to fostering talent within the digital economy.


Emerging Technology

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or something we’ve never heard of, AC Lion is passionate about placing tomorrow’s great disruptors.


Background & Experience

We’ve helped tech startups bloom into global giants; and seen our candidate’s products become household names. Our ‘early stage’ mentality helps us stay ahead of a steep digital curve, and we’re here to help you find the talent that will drive your industry’s change. As your trusted talent advisor, we’ll help you keep one eye on your company’s future—and find the talent you need for tomorrow, today.

In my many years of interacting with recruiters, Meredith has been the most valuable and professional one. We shared one simple and common goal, to find me the best organization for my career. With a huge list of amazing opportunities, Meredith was able to connect me and my future employer within a short time period. The process was painless, highly organized, proactive and results were achieved between all parties. Personally, I am very grateful for her help throughout everything.

AC Lion success in recruiting

Xiao Lin

VP Strategy at Gimbal