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Who Needs a Fashion Buyer When There’s An App For That?

Lionseye insights from AC Lion
Ah, the days of red carpets, cat walks and engraved invites are going the way of the typewriter and the answering machine.  Effective in their day but vestiges of a bygone era.   Even haute couture is now available on your iPhone.

And here in the Big Apple, Fashion Week brought this to the forefront.  Marc Jacobs has streaming videos of fashion shows, live backstage with Betsey Johnson.

And Burberry hit the ball out of the park.  You can have the best of both worlds: see (and be seen) at the runway show.  And buy that trendy overcoat from your seat with your new app.  Not in NY?  Join the scene at Burberry stores worldwide, watching the fashion show on hi def and buying through an iPad app.

Who needs buyers telling us what to wear when we can see it ourselves?  Maybe we should just stay home and watch Project Runway next time.