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Top 10 Reasons Santa Needs AC LION Recruiting

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Lionseye insights from AC Lion

Top 10 Reasons Santa Needs AC LION Recruiting

Santa gets laid off on Dec 26th every year so needs steady employment
Keebler keeps poaching all of his best elves.
AOL re-orged the toy workshop and all orders must now be approved by Arianna Huffington.
The government stimulus didn’t reach the North Pole.
Hostile takeover by Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.
Was kicked off Dancing with the Stars. 10 million dollar marriage deal to Kim Kardashian fell through.
Free cookies and milk is a great perk-but it’s catching up with him.
Boss wants him to do an Extreme Makeover and lose the beard and the red suit.
Wants a day job – Mrs. Claus doesn’t like him working at night.

And the #1 Reason Santa wants AC LION to get him a new job?
If he hears Silent Night one more time . . .

Yes Virginia, there is a job for you! AC Lion currently has over 200 digital media sales and marketing positions open across the country.

We can help Santa, and we can help you, in 2012.