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Sean Weinberg Sums up “Collective Media Beefs Up Ad Targeting Services”

Lionseye insights from AC Lion
Here it goes folks; another network acquiring a behavioral targeting technology. Collective Media “has acquired Personifi, a provider of audience targeting technology to Web publishers, ad networks and mobile providers.” Long and short of it is in the network space you’ve got two approaches to behavioral targeting
a) Verticalize your sites – i.e. only sign on publishers within your target market (Travel Ad Network, SportsAdMarketplace, Gay Ad Network)
b) Focus hard on content classification – this is where having a strong ad ops team comes in, you’re tagging needs to be effective, but content classification provides better reach than pure verticalization, and this is the route Collective and a few of the other major players are taking (see: Platform A)
For the networks, it’s going to be all out reach, always. This is a very solid move on Collective Media’s part – the networks all have audience in one form of another, but audience is only as good as your ability to classify, the mass media technique isn’t working (see: the collapse of TV ad dollars and billboard spend) – by acquiring a proven technology that effectively targets Collective will be able to deliver higher ROI to the advertisers. And that’s the name of the game.
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