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Retailer Behavioral Targetting: “Long Road to Hoe…”

Lionseye insights from AC Lion

Article By: Joshua Russak (

I took it upon myself to get out “there” and meet influential online marketers within the online interactive space. The perfect venue presented itself: 212, New York’s Interactive Advertising Club, ran an event hosted by Undertone Networks – “Meet the Retail Marketer’s”. It took place at the Midtown Loft, and I’d say 200+ made the event.
They discussed the unique demands of retail marketing on the web for brick and mortar, brick and click and pure play initiatives.
• The Panel (left to right)

o Patti Freeman Evans, Research Director, Senior Analyst, Retail | JupiterResearch
o Jim O’Brien, Director, Customer Marketing, Barnes & Noble
o Eric Nadler,, VP Sales Operations/E-Commerce, Triumph Apparel Corp.
o Matt Bailey, Search Marketing Manager, Hanover Direct
o Anna Maria Virzi, Executive Editor, ClickZ Network

It was a great event, but at this point, you’re asking: “What made it so great?” and “What’s with the headline ‘Long Road To Hoe’?”
In response to Anna Virzi’s questions, “How would you approach cross-channel mixing of metrics and behavior?” (I think she was implying wrapping together both online metrics and in-store retail behavior along with other modes of advertising)….Patti Evans simply responds “It’s a Long Road To Hoe…” and continued on to explain that companies are attempting to analyze metrics in new ways.
Someone brought up the issue of in-store behavior to break out your PDA and see if the item is cheaper on the internet. In response to that, Patti explained how shipping costs, time and complexity may be a reason why people will choose the in-store option…in which Jim O’Brien quickly pointed out, “We (Barnes & Nobles) have an option to ship to store and to your home in the same day”.
Patti explained that it was necessary to “Figure out what the customer is looking to accomplish in that channel (ie: in store) and seeing if they can serve that need in another channel (ie: online)”.
– 3 of the 4 panelists were experimenting with Mobile (text based) Advertising
– 2 were interested in “Social Media” Marketing
– 1 panelist was experimenting with Video/Viral Advertising
Overall, it was informative, entertaining and worth the networking. So, in closing, what did I learn today? 2 things: Online Retail Marketers place a lot of emphasis on consumer behavior, yet most of their budgets are in Keyword Search.
So there ya go…next time, I suggest you head on over. For more information on upcoming events, check out 212 Here.