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Online Marketing Events in Seattle

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Article By: Joshua ‘The Red’ Russak (

So my 1 year post-college in NYC is complete and guess what? I’M STAYING FOR ANOTHER YEAR+…but I have to stay true to my Seattle roots and pay homage. Well in truth I am making a vacation out of this while at the same time getting a “Septoplasty” (seriously….Wikipedia Septoplasty). So for this month I’ll be checking out the Seattle Online Marketing Events scene (once I recover). I’ll check out’s offerings, maybe hit up a few tech groups, but I’m definitely locked in for the Online Marketing Summit which has been traveling the country as a go-to-conference for, well…you guessed it! ONLINE MARKETING! Check out the info below and also note “SCORE”, another company hosting a very worthy event for budding entrepreneurs. Check it out:

  • Online Marketing Summit (OMS) – Seattle
  • 8/7/2008; 8am-6:30pm; $175
  • SCORE – Starting a New Business
  • 8/6/2008; 8am-4:30pm; $85.00

…here are some other events, but due to my recent “Septoplasty” I’m not hitting them ALL up. Check them out at this link: Seattle24x7 Events. If you know of any other events, or you’re considering heading out to OMS, let me know and drop me a line at
PS: If you want to know how my surgery went, feel free to friend me and comment on my FaceBook wall. Facebook me!