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a portfolio of talent advisory solutions</strong> at the forefront of digital transformation.
a portfolio of talent advisory solutions at the forefront of digital transformation.

We help build companies holistically, using both technology and high touch approaches.

The Lionseye Group Portfolio


AC Lion is Lionseye Group’s Management and Executive Recruiting Division. Headquartered in New York, we bring 20+ years experience to each and every recruiting engagement and are dedicated to placing extraordinary revenue generating talent. As seasoned executive recruiters we are familiar with digital businesses, established and startups and bring a wealth of knowledge to each and every engagement.


"Digitalization is not powered by technology. It is powered by people."

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The Strategic Venture Capital subsidiary of Lionseye Group was founded to provide investment, expertise and a vast network to start-ups worldwide, that are focused on expanding operations in the U.S. with headquarters in NYC. Our companies challenge the status quo, build new paths and re imagining out-dated traditional models utilizing new paradigms such as: Blockchain, Autonomous, IOT, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile-First technology.

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One of ACLVPs portfolio companies, Apploi intelligently automates job postings across multiple job boards and social sites with the click of a button. Our self-serve platform is used for roles that are generally less than $75k or for hourly workers.

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