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Interviewing is fun!

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Lionseye insights from AC Lion
Well, no, it isn’t. I’m working on a ‘Job Hunters Anonymous’ 12 Step Guide to Non-Anonymous Job Hunting.
Or something like that.
Anyway, came across a few blogs on interviewing at new media companies (very different from interviewing at old media companies)
Here are a few tasty morsels (or nuggets?)
“Dress Code:
There can be none. I want to show up in shorts or a basketball jersey, or have my tattoos be visable, it shouldnt matter. After all, are you hiring me for my looks or for my production?”
Or I really like this one:
“What are people’s misconceptions of you?
This is almost a trick question. It’s not intended as a trick, but nearly everyone gets stumped by it. I think its a critical competency for any successful executive to have a good degree of self-awareness in how others perceive them and what their own tendencies are. The only way to authentically answer this one is to actually know the answer.”
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I’ll post more as I come across them.
Anyone have any good ones they’d like to share…