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Digital, Creative & Innovation Agencies

Agency Recruiting

Why We’re Different

Need a mobile advertising campaign to go out in time for the holidays? An app developed that can help your company communicate with your brand? A newly designed look and feel to breathe life into a classic name? The sophisticated consumers of today are consistently demanding new and innovative experiences to get their attention and keep it.

Digital, Creative, and Innovation agencies fill the gaps in marketing, advertising, product development and strategy that many brands face. Every member of the team is essential for reaching your client's goals. So what happens when you lose a team member? Or when you win a new client and need a team to increase your company’s bandwidth ASAP?

AC Lion partners with small to large scale agencies across the world to meet the challenges of today's ever-changing agency landscape.

Our Focuses in Digital, Creative and Innovation Agencies Include:

  • Product Design / Development Studios

  • Communications, Marketing, and Advertising Agencies

  • Media & Entertainment Production Studios

  • Public Relations Firms

  • Innovation Labs

High level of integrity, the top firm in their industry.


Jeffrey Schachter

Managing Partner

Avet Capital Management, LLC

Your Growth Starts Here. Partner with AC Lion Today to Find the Talent of Tomorrow.

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