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Why We’re Different

At the core of every media company, from an early publisher to the most recognized names, is advertising and marketing and from that core is digital ad spend. Marketing and advertising spend is dominated by digital in the current landscape.

As spending continues to climb, brands small and large are thinking about their advertising online more than ever. From programmatic ad delivery and brand safety to contextual advertising and geolocational targeting, your organization is playing a crucial part in brands across the world. So, what happens when you are missing the necessary talent you need to grow?

AC Lion is strategically positioned to assist your organization secure industry experience talent, thought leaders, and subject matter experts. Our recruiters have worked in and with the leading adtech/martech companies, building teams for the most recognized names in the industry. Whether you are rolling out new technology, entering new markets, or need more experienced leadership in your organization, AC Lion will adapt to your needs.

Our Focuses in AdTech/Martech Include:

  • Demand Side & Supply Side Platforms

  • DMPs (Data Management Platforms) & Ad Exchanges

  • Social, Video, Content and SEO Platforms

  • Marketing Data, Analytics, Performance and Management

AC Lion has been a fantastic partner for us. Through the years, they've consistently delivered some of our highest performing talent.

Eric Berry CEO of Triplelift

Eric Berry

Co-founder & CEO


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