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Firefox 3: Worth The World Record?

Lionseye insights from AC Lion

Article By:Joshua Russak (


As an avid…no wait…as a MAJOR SUPPORTER of Firefox and everything they stand for, I was one of the first to (attempt a) download the software…only to realize I was up against millions of other server crashing competitors to be the “first”! But after over 2 years of waiting, there was no way I’d just give-up. On my 2nd try, SUCCESS! For those of you who didn’t know (shame-on-you…), Mozilla is hoping to set a Guinness World Record for the most number of downloads of an application in a day, on the release of its Firefox 3 web browser.

Either way, I was patient and got my hands on the fresh new version. You can read more about that here in an article I read on ZDNet.

There is currently no official Guinness World Record for the total number of downloads of an application in a day. They have 24 hours and 175 million users to attract….They used as a marketing site…go-BIG or go-HOME! Firefox 3 did a great job, attracting attention all over the internet including over 7,100 diggs on
So, they may have set a world record, but what about the software? My First take: Faster, Smoother, I’m loving the new approach to asking if I want my password saved. I’m wowed by the “awesome bar” feature, and apparently I’m now “more protected” against, well, the internet of course. But, I’m not sure I feel the full effects yet. For now, I’m just glad whoever is reading this now knows what is going on outside of their 4 walls/cubicle.

…Good luck Firefox! Fight the good Fight!