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Digital Media Continues to Take A Big Bite Out of the Big Apple

Lionseye insights from AC Lion

Nice to see Crain’s and Inc. magazine confirm what we here at AC Lion already know:  NYC is a hot spot for fast-growing digital media companies.  Of the annual list of 500 booming businesses, AC Lion’s sweet spot (or, new media advertising, as they call it), software and IT rule.   It’s a full fifth of the NY area companies listed (Click here for the full list)

Around here, this is no surprise.   Digital media has more than held its own during the recent economic downturn.   And I hear it from friends and family all the time—expressing surprise that a recruiting company is doing well during a ‘jobless recovery.’   As I tell them, it’s just like real estate—location, location, location.  Our location (i.e. digital media) is in demand—and so are we.   Our clients are hiring—and so are we.  So times are good for us here at AC Lion.  (BTW, always open to referrals to good sales people and recruiters).

So thanks to Crain’s and Inc. for confirming what we know to be true—the Digital Mad Men (and women) will continue to be based in NYC!