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Company of the Week! MobilePosse; The future of mobile?

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We’ve all been thinking it;


I’ve gone back and forth on this one for awhile now. My gut instinct was that mobile would never become a strong category because it’s interruption based, and I’d always felt like adverts on my phone were a little bit invasive. But I’ve been seeing some products that have converted my view. Let’s take a look.
Here comes mobile.
They know where you are. Exactly where you are. It’s a scary prospect. And they ping you constantly. Text messages, pre-roll on web pages that already load deathly slow. More text messages. Banner that consumes half the page. More text messages.
BUT, here’s the beauty of mobile; good mobile advertising is permission based. There is enormous power in geo-targeting and it’s clearly beneficial to the consumer. I love walking past a restaurant and having a coupon pop up on my phone. That will drive an acquisition. It’s a strong call to action because you’re at the transaction point and you’ve already opted in. All marketers need to do is tell you.
Which brings me to my first ever company of the week! Every week henceforth I shall nominate a company of the week. All that’s required is an innovative product or funky marketing ploy.

MCLEAN, Va. – Mobile Posse, Inc., a leading provider of content and advertising delivery solutions for mobile, today announced the launch of an innovative sales promotion for agencies and brands looking to extend their advertising campaigns to mobile. Mobile Posse’s “Double-Digits Pledge” allows advertisers to trial idle screen advertising risk-free. Participating advertisers are guaranteed a minimum 10% click-through-rate (CTR) on campaigns delivered via the Mobile Posse platform. Advertising fees for ads that do not generate the promised consumer response will be fully refunded to the advertiser, no strings attached.

Got this from Ad Ops Online
Mobile Posse gets this weeks nomination because they have an innovative product (idle screen advertising – it means what it sounds like) that both eliminates the interruption factor while maximizing the value of mobile adverts. They also get kudos for a courageous marketing move – letting marketers use the platform free with a 10% CTR guarantee. They’re either nuts, or they’ve got something to offer. Check out
I’m taking nominations for next weeks contest now! Drop me a line at!