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CollegeHumor: From Online User-Gen to MTV

Lionseye insights from AC Lion

Article By: Joshua ‘The Red’ Russak (

InterActiveCorp (IAC) are the proud owners of such businesses as, and today’s topic: That and many more properties to boast. But what makes CollegeHumor stand out is the recent news of CollegeHumor/Connected Ventures guys finally moving from online to having a syndicated TV show on MTV. As written on the about page of, it “was founded in 1999 by two high school friends from Baltimore, Maryland who went to different colleges as a way to share all of the pictures, videos, and links their friends would IM and e-mail each other. Now it’s a lot bigger.” AND NOW, according to the MediaPost article MTV Buys Show,they have at least a six-episode commitment for this fall. According to MediaPost “No financial or content details were disclosed”. So stay tuned for updates…
That’s big news for the world of User-Gen Video!! According to Comscore in my article Online Video: Q2 Tells All According to ComScore, Internet users in the U.S. watched 11.5 billion online videos in March 2008, up 13% over February 2008 and 64% year-over-year. This bridge of Online to Traditional-TV could mean one of 2 things: Either an increase of online fan-base migrating back to TV or…TV beginning to adopt online content and monetization and a slow migration from traditional TV to a new version of Online Integrated TV Platforms.
…these are just my thoughts, but considering nobody else has voiced them, I figured I’d be the first to say “THIS IS SIMPLY…HUGE!” Stay tuned for further updates loyal readers and fans…and while you’re waiting check out one of my favorite videos from the site:

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