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Candidate Keeps His Cool…(and Location Based BizModels Start To Make Sense)

Lionseye insights from AC Lion


I am working with an excellent candidate right now and we are in the middle of a very big deal. If it works out this guy stands to take on a big sales team
at the immediate intersection of two of the most valuable areas of the online interactive marketing/media space: Paid Local Search and Location Based Services.
[I’d like to note that I am still not yet a huge believer in the monetization of mobile content – the operative word there is “YET”.] However when it comes to local
merchant services – now that’s a solution that is right and its right now! Think about taking every Yellow Pages in the entire country and stuffing it into your cell
phone. Wherever/Whenever/Whatever – it really is that simple. Anyhow back to the deal at hand. We had a solid initial offer in terms of base, commissions, territory
and team manage override. What makes this candidate a great professional to work with is his poise and acumen as well as preparation. He sees all the moving
parts that compose over-all value to this deal and is willing to extract value in one area that may be lacking in another.

Basically, as a sales guy you want to know you have a cheap product for cheap needs and a comprehensive product for robust needs.

Bottom line is that while we have a great long term deal available in location based services, these business models still must define short sell cycle opportunities for the
sales team to use to take down the quick opportunities. I now have more appreciation for why all the SEM agencies started becoming “Me Too” digital agencies. It seems
you cant build a super growth team on 18 month sell cycles. Word to the mobile marketing pp, as you ramp up your sales team, make sure to go find short sell cycle products
and services for them to sell.


Dan Goldsmith | Managing Director, AC Lion
By Dan Goldsmith