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ACLion: Best of the Blogs

Lionseye insights from AC Lion


It is my job to track the online interactive advertising community. As a result, I have put together a great “starter pack” of Blogs that I find essential in keeping up with all the major changes in the online advertising and technology space. Here’s just a handful and I’ll be sure to continue adding more as the posts become more frequent.
Best of the Blogs:

* Silicon Alley Insider:
* GigaOM:
* TechCrunch:
* Engadget:
* Jeff Lanctot:
* CNET News:
* Digital Inspiration:
…Now that is not to say these are the only resources out there! There are many other blogs as well, but I’ve been able to “get by” sounding up-to-speed at work. I would suggest The Alley Insider over the rest just because they are in full-steam. They are a fairly new business site, produced by and for the New York digital business community. They started publishing for real on Friday, July 19, 2007. And for being in Beta, they’re doing quite well.
They cover the intersection of the technology, media, and communications industries, with a focus on companies and people making waves in New York. Specifically digital publishing, entertainment, news, music, social networking, mobile, and gaming.
Wow, I guess the real title for this blog entry should be “Why I love Silicon Alley Insider!” Oh well, enjoy.