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Lionseye insights from AC Lion

The Second Annual “Club Chris”, AC Lion’s company outing hosted by our very own Chris Masters, Director of Online Media Sales, was recently held. And much better than “The Office” season finale company picnic. No one kicking a volleyball into the woods to delay the game. No emergency room visits—and no surprise endings (though kudos to The Office for a beautifully crafted Pam and Jim hospital scene. With just a look. Amazing.)
For AC Lion, was a wonderful day for us city folk to go out and play in the country. A little team-building with Whiffleball and Family Feud. A little trash talking (ok, a lot of trash talking) with basketball and water games. And a lot of chilling and grilling with guitars and good times. And the new t-shirts from Alternative Apparel rock!
Was the end of the line for our great crew of summer interns. They learned many things during their summer at AC Lion—the most important of which is that tis hard to beat the AC Lion staff at anything athletic.
From grey skies to grey t-shirts, was a great day for the AC Lion team.